We can create a photo montage for you. Perfect for any Occasion

Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Graduations, Family Reunions,

Memorials, and much more


Photo Montage Package


2 titles, digital effects, motion, and music


$1.50 per image (any size)

$.75 per image if titles, digital effects, motion and music are NOT desired.


$16 for the DVD

$8 for copies of the DVD

$20 for Digital File (.mov, .mp4, .avi)

Uh oh! Do any of your pictures need photo restoration? Click here for more details!


All DVDs come with a label and a case

Digital Files will need a Flash Drive OR External Hard Drive to be transferred to which can also be bought at our store


Flash Drives:

$15 for 2 gig Flash Drive

$30 for 16 gig Flash Drive

$60 for 32 gig Flash Drive

Hard Drives:

$100 for 500 gig external hard drive

$150 for 1000 gig (1 Terabyte) external hard drive