We can edit anything your imaginative heart desires




$90 per hour

$45 minimum for 30 minutes of editing

$30 for Quick Edit (Editing that takes less than 30 minutes)


Final Product:

$16 for DVD

$8 for copies of the DVD

$20 for Digital File (.mov, .mp4, .avi)


All DVDs come with a label and a case

Digital Files will need a flash drive OR an external hard drive to be transferred to which can also be bought at our store


Flash Drives:

$15 for 2 gig Flash Drive

$30 for 16 gig Flash Drive

$60 for 32 gig Flash Drive

Hard Drives:

$100 for 500 gig external hard drive

$150 for 1000 gig (1 Terabyte) external hard drive